1. 1 August 2014

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    I wish Myrtle Snow was my godmother who’d appear in town every few weeks with special potions and magic charms as gifts and then we’d go shopping and like get pedicures and talk about our lives and I’d be her apprentice and help her with her witchly duties

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    Orphan Black Characters (Moments of season 2)

  4. dot-tattler:

    me waiting for freak show updates concerning frances conroy

  5. I’m beginning to realize how little I mean to everyone and it’s pretty fucking painful.

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  6. *fails to hear haters over Newsies soundtrack*

  7. dot-tattler:

    when a friend jokes about something you sensitive about

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    I wonder what Miranda Cosgrove is up to these days

  9. More like follow for swallow

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    i wonder if my first follower still follows me